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161. Word Series - Word on the Street

 Another word game most people know about is Boggle.  For this one, you shake up some letter cubes and start looking for words.  I absolutely hate Boggle, and I'm really glad it bears almost no resemblance to Word on the Street.

(BGG image by user unfathomable)

Word on the Street came out in 2009 from designer Jack Degnan.  Art for the game was done by John Kovalic and Cathleen Quinn-Kinney.  The game is for 2-8 players, and is published by Out of the Box.  This is a party word game where two teams will be trying to move letters to their side of the street.

(BGG image by user Ohaus82)

In the box, you get all the equipment shown above.  There's a board that shows the street.  There are 17 letter tiles, one for every letter of the alphabet (excluding A-E-I-J-O-Q-U-X-Z).  There are 216 double-sided category cards and a nice plastic holder that keeps them in place.  There's also a divider card so you know which cards have been used before.  In addition, there's a 30-second sand timer.

At the start of the game, you divide into two teams.  This is, at its core, a two-player game that can be adapted into a party game.  Your team will be discussing options and must agree on answers.  You'll set up the board by placing each letter on its spot in the median.  The cards should be placed so they can be easily reached by either team.  You should decide whether you're going to use the green side or the blue side of the cards.  The blue side is more complicated.

(BGG image by user mikehulsebus)

On your team's turn, you take a card.  The other team flips the timer as you draw, so you have thirty seconds.  Read the category.  Your team must come to a consensus about a word that matches the category, and then you move the letters of the word towards your side of the board.  Let's say that the category was "A river."  Your team decides to say "Colorado."  You would then move the C, the L, the R, and the D one space towards your side of the board.  Remember that there are no vowels in the game.  You also could have said "Amazon", but then you would have only moved the M and N one space each.  The uncommon letters J, Q, X, and Z are also not in the game.  You also may have said "Mississippi", which would have moved the M one space, the S four spaces, and the P two spaces.  If any letter moves off the board, your team has claimed it.

If the time runs out before you have picked a word, or even before you have finished spelling it, you may not finish the word.  The other team will then take their turn, moving letters towards their own side.  This may include letters that their opponents have previously moved towards the opposing side.  Any letters that have been removed from the board are not eligible to move any more, though they still may be in words you choose.

(BGG image by user haccpmonkey)

The game ends once one team has claimed eight tiles.  And that's all there is to it.  Read more at BGG, and expect to pay $25 in a store.  This is another one you can find out in the mass market.  WOTS can also be found in a junior edition.  The main difference between the two is that WOTS Jr. uses every letter of the alphabet.  One more word game to go...happy gaming!
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